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Four causes of attachment inflammation!
Many friends in life know the disease of appendicitis, which is a common inflammation in women, and the recurrence rate of this disease is very high. Do you know what causes attachment inflammation? In fact, it may be due to sedentary or menstrual hygiene and postoperative infections. If you want to prevent it, you must first understand the cause. Then let ’s talk about the specific reason briefly.

Four causes of attachment inflammation!

These factors can cause the appearance of appendicitis.

First: menstrual periods are unhygienic

We all know that menstrual periods are extremely weak, with very low immunity and excessive secretions. Once you do not pay attention to hygiene, it can easily cause the growth of bacteria, and attachment inflammation is a common one.

Second: postoperative infection

What other factors can cause attachment inflammation? In fact, there are many postoperative infections. You should know that some friends will have some gynecological surgery, such as upper and lower ring or abortion and fallopian tube angiography. Improper surgery can easily lead to postoperative infections, including appendicitis.

Third: sedentary

Do you sit for a long time? In fact, sedentary friends are also easily entangled in inflammation. Because when sitting for a long time, blood circulation in the lower body is blocked, blood flow is slowed or stopped. This will directly affect the uterus, and then abnormalities in the uterus may cause the appearance of appendicitis.

Fourth: Gynecological diseases

The appearance of appendicitis may also be caused by gynecological inflammation. You should know some common gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease or cervicitis and endometritis, etc. These diseases will lead to the spread of the disease if not treated in time, and annexitis is one of them. Therefore, gynecological diseases are also a major culprit, so be careful.

There are many patients with accessory inflammation in life, and most people do not know why it may cause accessory inflammation. Those who do not know, come and see. You may be caused by gynecological diseases, or it may be caused by sedentary or menstrual period without paying attention to health. Come and see to know how to prevent it.

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