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Women's first sex life do three things!
The first sexual life of a female friend is extremely important, and this is related to future sexual life. However, because of their thoughts and lack of understanding of sex, many women's first sexual lives are tragic endings. In fact, women can experience the deliciousness of sex for the first time as long as they do a few things well. Then, here is a simple inventory of what should be paid attention to during the first sexual life. Women without personnel must watch.

Women's first sex life do three things!

Women do these things for the first time.

First: do good hygiene

It is important to know that the health status of sex is very important for women. Therefore, it is necessary to do genital hygiene work for the first time, whether it is men or women. Female friends can use warm boiled water to wash and clean the vulva to avoid the residual bacteria entering the vagina and causing infection. There is also a need to urinate in time after sex, which can wash out secretions and semen and reduce the risk of urethritis.

Second: do a good job in preventing inflammation

We all know that the first sex will inevitably cause the hymen to rupture, so women may have pain and even cause inflammation, so we must do a good job of preventing inflammation. When you have pain, you can choose to wipe with disinfectant cotton, and to avoid inflammation, you must wait at least three days before you can go to the house again. If the hymen is ruptured, painful, and bleeding is excessive, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Third: get ready for pregnancy

Many women do not have the job of preparing for pregnancy because of inexperience in their first sexual life. Therefore, it is recommended that as long as there is no idea of ​​fertility, sex should be avoided. It is recommended that condoms be the most suitable. Contraceptives have side effects that affect health. Therefore, condoms are the best.

In fact, there are still many things that women need to do in their first sexual life, such as learning about sex and so on. However, the above three things need special attention, especially in terms of health and contraception. You should know that sex is refreshing, and you are not ready for a crematorium. Those who want to have sex for the first time must keep these things in mind.

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