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Menstrual disorders caused by three daily habits!
What is your reaction after menstrual disorders? In fact, most people think that it is caused by the disease. It is unknown that the cause of menstrual disorders may also be caused by bad habits. Many of the bad habits in daily life are the main culprits that cause menstrual disorders. Today I will simply take a look at them in detail.

Menstrual disorders caused by three daily habits!

These habits lead to irregular menstruation.

First: lose weight

In fact, many women do not like too much fat, so they will choose to lose weight. But know that when there is too little fat in the body, it will lead to the development of sexual organs and abnormal menstruation, which is caused by too little secretion of estrogen. So when you lose too much fatty food when you lose weight, problems such as amenorrhea or delayed menstruation will come to your door. It is recommended to maintain a balanced nutrition during weight loss. Dieting is not the only way to lose weight.

Second: Stress

Menstrual disorders are also strongly related to stress. Nowadays, everyone has stress problems, and when you are under stress for a long time, it will cause the pituitary glands to affect the hand, which will cause abnormal hormone secretion, and the menstruation will naturally be disordered. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce stress in time when the pressure is too high. You can do some exercises to improve after work, such as running, swimming or fitness. In the usual diet, you can also choose some potatoes, prawns and tomatoes to relieve stress.

Third: Covetousness

Many women want to be graceful and not temperature, but when you wear too thin, your body can easily lead to the invasion of cold. There is also the issue of cold foods during menstruation, which will cause problems with too little menstrual flow and even amenorrhea. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to keeping warm, especially in cold weather, and pay more attention to menstrual diet.

When you have menstrual disorders, don't always think that it is caused by a disease, first see if you have the above bad habits, these habits are also the main cause of menstrual disorders.

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