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Itchy women's private parts may be these three reasons!
Itching in private places makes women embarrassed and uncomfortable. It is very bad for health if not handled in time. In this regard, women are advised to learn to prevent pruritus in private parts in daily life. Among them, prevention must understand the cause of this problem before it can be eliminated from the source. So what does itching in private parts have to do with it?

Itchy women's private parts may be these three reasons!

What is the private itching?

First, the underwear is not clean

Underpants are clothing that is in direct contact with the private parts. If the underwear is not clean, the dirt on it will stick to the skin of the private parts. Private skin is very fragile, and it is very prone to discomfort when it is stimulated by dirty things, such as itching. Therefore, the underwear must be cleaned, not at all sloppy. When cleaning, first soak it in hot water for a few minutes, then mix it with clean water and rub it with your hands. Rinse it with clean water a few times and let it dry in the sun.

Second, the sanitary napkin has been used for too long

This situation often occurs during menstruation, because menstrual period needs to absorb menstrual blood with sanitary napkins. It is important to know that the absorption of a sanitary napkin is limited. If it is used for too long, the sanitary napkin will become very humid and easily breed bacteria. And menstrual blood contains bacteria's favorite nutrients, so bacteria will multiply faster, and then quickly induce inflammation. Therefore, sanitary napkins cannot be used for too long, and the amount should be changed every two hours at the beginning. After the amount of sanitary napkins is reduced, it cannot exceed four hours at the latest.

No clean private places

The private part is very dirty, because it is exposed to a large amount of vaginal discharge every day, which is often called leucorrhea. There is also some urine, feces and sweat. These things are mixed together, and if they are covered on the surface of the private parts, they can easily irritate the skin of the private parts. If you do not insist on cleaning the private parts every night, the dirt will accumulate, and naturally the private parts will be more prone to inflammation. Therefore, the habit of cleaning the private parts must be continued every day. And when cleaning, rinse with water, just don't add other cleaning products, so as not to cause irritation.

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