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Two contraceptive tips for taking medicine after sex!
Pregnancy is a big deal for couples, but when the child arrives at the wrong time, it may cause a burden on the family. Therefore, many people choose contraception during sex. But when passion comes, many couples forget about contraception. Wait until afterwards are extremely afraid to conceive, so they will remedy afterwards. Do you know how to prevent pregnancy after sex? In fact, there are some tricks in life, today I will simply take everyone to see.

Two contraceptive tips for taking medicine after sex!

How to prevent pregnancy after sex?

First: vaginal irrigation

In fact, most people will choose to take medicine after sex, but the medicine still has side effects, so if you are afraid of pregnancy, you can choose vaginal vaginal irrigation. This is the use of water to expel sperm, reducing the survival time of the sperm in the body. Of course, if you are afraid that washing with water is not safe, then you know to choose soap. The acid and alkali in the vagina will be changed by soapy water washing, thus achieving the effect of contraception.

In fact, vaginal irrigation is not just soap, you can also choose to use a lotion. Some potions can help suppress sperm survival and reduce sperm-egg binding. However, Xiaobian still recommends washing with water, whether it is a potion or soap will hurt the vagina, so clean water is more reliable.

Second: extracorporeal ejaculation

Many couples start their sexual life when they are passionate. After waiting for sex, they find that they have not prepared for pregnancy. Then you can choose external ejaculation. This method is to prevent the sperm and egg from binding at the source. However, the safety of this method is not high, so be careful.

In fact, taking good contraception in sex life is the biggest protection for you. If you do n’t have sex measures, then it is recommended not to launch directly in it. You can choose external ejaculation, wait for the sex to end completely, then rinse with warm water. The vagina. It is recommended not to take medicine when thinking that the medicine may affect the endocrine cycle and so on. In short, you can try the above two contraceptive methods without taking medicine.

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