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Four reasons why women have difficulty reaching orgasm!
For sex men and women, men think it's very easy to reach orgasm, but women can't reach it. Why? We all clear that women's orgasms are much later than men's, and even some men's orgasms, women have not. A little feeling. So why is the female orgasm so difficult? Today I will take everyone to take stock of the reasons.

Four reasons why women have difficulty reaching orgasm!

First: the climax is different

We all know that the orgasm of male friends will be faster, and the average male friend has no sexual desire after ejaculation, so female friends can't reach orgasm without moisturizing. Simply put, the partner can't satisfy himself.

Second: insufficient foreplay

In fact, for a perfect quality sex, foreplay is the most important, far more important than entering. With good foreplay skills, women can orgasm quickly. So inadequate foreplay can lead to female friends not having enough time, and when your sexual sensation begins, your partner is over. Therefore, it is necessary to do enough foreplay. Mastering some good foreplay skills can make women orgasm easier.

Third: adverse effects

Many women are difficult to orgasm because they have been harmed. Nowadays, there are many cases of women being assaulted. Then there are basically shadows for women who have been violated. When you have sex again, you will remember the situation of being violated, which will lead to imperfect sex . There are also female friends who have had bad sexual experiences before, so they have no feeling for sex, which affects orgasm.

Fourth: don't know yourself

In fact, many partners' understanding of the female body is completely unknown, and even women do not fully understand their bodies. It has always been known that that part is sensitive, and that part is more likely to make her orgasm.

In fact, orgasm can be said to be the most perfect experience of sex, but about 60% of women do not feel sex, and the reasons that cause difficult orgasms are generally the above. Oh, which one do you belong to?

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