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Three reasons women have a stink in private parts!
For women, the odor from the private parts is embarrassing. Once the odor is very serious, others will smell an unpleasant odor when they pass by them. This will affect their communication and cause colleagues to stay away from her. In order to alleviate this embarrassment, early treatment is needed, so what is the smell of the private parts? Follow the editor to see.

Three reasons women have a stink in private parts!

What is the smell in the private parts?

Reason one: irregular life

Some women's lives are not regular at all, and they often do not rest at midnight, even overnight. I usually choose between eating and drinking. If I do n’t eat, I do n’t eat. This will result in insufficient nutrition and poor health. And they have many people who don't have the habit of exercise every day. Such irregular lives lead to a continuous decline in their immunity, which reduces the self-cleansing ability of the vagina, and bacteria will also take advantage of it, eventually resulting in a private odor.

Reason two, hygiene is not good

Some women look clean on the surface, but they are not hygienic at all. For example, underpants are often not changed, bathing is not frequent, and so on. If you do this for a long time, it will cause the private parts to be kept in a closed, high temperature and humid environment. This environment is most suitable for bacterial growth. There are also some women who usually like to wash their private parts with a lotion or a medicinal solution. They seem to like clean behavior, but they hurt the private parts greatly. Because the vagina has the ability to clean itself, if the drug is used arbitrarily, the acid-base balance in the vagina will be broken, which will cause the private part to become ill.

Reason three: love to wear tight pants

Tight-fitting pants have not only become a trend, many women like to wear them. But wearing tight pants all day is very bad for your health. For example, tight pants can cause too much friction in the private parts, causing itching and inflammation of the local skin. And the pants are too tight, the private parts will be wrapped tightly, and the private parts will become airtight. When a lot of dirty things such as vaginal discharge, sweat and so on are mixed together, the smell is naturally unpleasant. And it has been wrapped in underwear and added a layer of leggings, it will be more air tight, resulting in more serious odor.

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