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Two ways to relieve vaginal dryness!
The occurrence of vaginal dryness is very uncomfortable, because the emergence of this problem causes women to have abnormal pains when they are living in husband and wife, and gradually begins to be afraid of living in husband and wife, which affects the relationship between two people. In this regard, the editor reminds that when you find a vaginal dryness problem, you must immediately think about it to help you avoid pain. So how to deal with vaginal dryness? Here are a few methods recommended, you can try.

Two ways to relieve vaginal dryness!

How to deal with vaginal dryness?

Method one, check the vagina

When suffering from vaginitis, vaginal dryness may occur. So, when you have this problem, you need to check your vagina, so that you can know if you have been caught by vaginitis. If so, treat it as soon as possible. Because of fundamental treatment and control of inflammation, women's vagina can be restored to moisture. At the same time, remember that when treating, you must cooperate with your doctor's treatment, follow the doctor's instructions, and take medicine on time to cure the inflammation quickly and completely.

Xiaobian reminded that many women have vaginitis problems, and a large part of them are caused by inattention to hygiene. Therefore, in order to avoid dryness of the vagina, it is recommended to wash the vulva with water every day, and change underwear to ensure that the vulva is dry and fresh, and will not be in a humid and sultry environment for a long time to induce inflammation. In addition to daily, menstrual period, pay attention to cleanliness, because the vulva will become more dirty. And because it is covered by a sanitary napkin, bacteria are more likely to breed.

Method two: use estrogen

Many people experience dryness of the vagina due to decreased ovarian function or decreased estrogen levels in the body. In this case, as long as the body is supplemented with estrogen, it can alleviate the problem of dryness. But do n’t make up yourself, it ’s best to check with your doctor, take some estrogen under the guidance of the doctor, and take the amount strictly according to the doctor's instructions, you can not increase or decrease it privately, so as not to bring discomfort to the body. Among them, soybeans contain phytoestrogens. Eating more can help the body supplement estrogen and help you regulate hormone levels. Women can eat more.

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