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Three main factors that induce mycotic vaginitis!
There are many factors that induce mycotic vaginitis. Xiaobian reminds women that they must understand this knowledge, because they can understand their reasons to protect their bodies and avoid being caught by inflammation. Once you are approached by gynecological inflammation, itching and odor will follow, which will seriously affect your life and work. For the sake of health, women come and take a look.

Three main factors that induce mycotic vaginitis!

Factors that induce mycotic vaginitis.

Incentives I. Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that both men and women get. If women suffer from diabetes, the overall resistance will be worse, and the glycogen in the vagina will be higher, which will cause the acid-base environment in the vagina to be more acidic, which will cause the vagina to be more easily damaged by mold. Therefore, women with diabetes should actively control blood sugar and take medicinal drugs as instructed by the doctor. At the same time, keep your mouth shut and never eat high sugar foods.

Incentive 2: Love to wear tight chemical fiber underwear

Panties are tight pants that women must wear, and they are worn to protect the delicate vulva. Therefore, the choice of underwear is important. If you usually wear tight chemical fiber underwear every day, although it looks sexy, it is easy to induce vaginitis. Because tight underwear will tightly wrap the vulva, raise the local temperature and humidity of the vagina, causing the favorite stuffy environment of mold. Therefore, if you want to stay away from fungal vaginitis, you must choose the right underwear. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear.

Incentives III. Overcleaning

Many women feel that the vagina is very dirty, so they like to buy a lotion and tools to flush the vagina. This is not right. Because the vagina has a self-cleaning function, if you clean it with a care solution yourself, it will only disrupt the self-cleaning function of the vagina. The microenvironment of the vagina is destroyed, resulting in imbalance of the flora, which leads to a decrease in the antibacterial capacity of the vagina, and the opportunity for mold to enter. Therefore, for the sake of health, ask women not to toss and flush the vagina, just clean the vulva.

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