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What are the most abortions a woman has?
I believe that everyone is no stranger to the term abortion. Many women in their lives have experienced abortion. And we all know that abortion can cause great harm to the body, especially the more the number of abortions, the more serious. So what do you know about the number of miscarriages in a woman's life? Today I will simply take everyone to see those things.

What are the most abortions a woman has?

How many times have women miscarried?

First: the drug flow is not more than 3 times

There are many ways of abortion, of which drug flow is a common one. Then many netizens suggest that the number of drug flow should not exceed three times. We all know that the harm of drug flow will be small, but the drugs have toxic and side effects, and the success rate of drug flow is not very high, which may cause incomplete abortion, which is fatal to the body of pregnant women, so it is best not to say More than three times.

Second: surgical abortion

In fact, surgical abortion is the most common, so suction curettage is one of them. This is to strip the fetus from the uterus and clean the uterus. This kind of abortion will cause more damage to the body, so it is best not to do it more than twice. Surgical abortion is also commonly used for forceps and curettage. This kind of abortion is to forcibly terminate directly and drag the fetal onion into the womb. This kind of surgery can easily cause various inflammations, so one time is enough.

The dangers of repeated abortions!

First: endometriosis

Frequent miscarriage is the greatest harm to the uterus, so the uterus may flow back into the abdominal cavity due to menstrual blood retention, leading to the occurrence of endometriosis.

Second: habitual abortion

When you have repeated miscarriages, you may cause habitual miscarriages. Because this is an excessive number of miscarriages, the brain produces a protective response, which leads to easy natural abortion after pregnancy.

Third: Other hazards

In fact, repeated abortion is hugely harmful to the body. It may also cause endocrine disorders, abnormal menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervical adhesions.

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