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Four physical signs of a woman's womb injury!
Many people do not know what the uterus means to women. In fact, the uterus will affect your fertility, participate in endocrine work, and protect your ovaries with you. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus. If the uterus is injured, then the body They often send out some signals, so if you want to maintain the uterus, you need these symptoms in order to prevent and cure them.

Four physical signs of a woman's womb injury!

Sign of woman uterine injury.

First: difficult to conceive

We all know that the uterus has a great relationship with fertility. If you say that you have not been pregnant for a long time or you will easily have a miscarriage after you are pregnant, it means that the uterus has a problem. Especially the habitual abortion shows that the uterus is extremely serious, which affects the operation of the ovary.

Second: abnormal menstruation

If you want to know if your uterus is healthy, you can see if there is any abnormal menstruation. In general, if the uterus is injured, the menstrual cycle will be affected, which may cause the menstrual period to be too long, or it may lead to prolonged periods. Therefore, when you have abnormal menstruation, be careful whether it is caused by uterine injury.

Third: Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a phenomenon that occurs in many women, and there are many factors that cause dysmenorrhea, but most people are caused by Gong Han. The so-called palace cold is that the uterus has been damaged in the cold environment for a long time. So when you have dysmenorrhea, it is recommended to find out the source first.

Fourth: low back pain

Many female friends have obvious low back pain during menstruation, and even feel falling. In fact, this may be due to uterine disease or bladder problems. Generally, cervicitis or uterine prolapse will cause menstrual low back pain, so it is recommended to find out the cause in time and treat it symptomatically.

In fact, the uterus has a great impact on women's health. Once there is an abnormality in the uterus, some parts of the body will follow. Therefore, when your body shows the above signals, you must be careful. This may indicate that your uterus has a problem and needs good maintenance.

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