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Five factors affecting women's fertility!
For couples, nurturing the next generation is the crystallization of love, and fertility is the focus of pregnancy, but most women have abnormal fertility, so do you know what factors affect women's fertility? I do n’t understand Xiaobian to understand it.

Five factors affecting women's fertility!

These reasons affect female fertility!

First: age

Do you know when is the best childbearing age for women? In fact, 20s is generally the best time period, and as the age continues to increase, egg secretion will become more difficult, and even if pregnant It can also easily cause miscarriage. Especially those who want to have children after the age of 35 are very difficult. Therefore, if you want to have children, don't get older.

Second: alcohol

Many women in everyday life like to drink alcohol. However, when you drink alcohol, it will affect the menstrual period and the reproductive system, which will lead to the decline of fertility. Therefore, it is suggested that if you want to improve fertility, you should start to quit drinking.

Third: Smoking

Women who smoke regularly can also affect fertility, knowing that there are many harmful substances in the smoke, and even carcinogens. It is reported that 10% of infertility is caused by smoking, so you need to quit smoking if you want to have children.

Fourth: sexual diseases

Diseases can also affect fertility. There are many sexually transmitted diseases in daily life, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, which will affect the fallopian tubes. It is also a permanent injury. Not only that, it also causes uterus and other parts. Impact, which led to a decline in fertility. It is recommended to pay more attention to sexual life and fixed partners.

Fifth: Obesity

There are many fat people in daily life, so fat people will also affect fertility. Because there is too much fat in the body, it seriously affects the secretion of hormones. When estrogen is insufficient, the reproductive cycle will be affected, leading to problems such as difficulty in pregnancy.

In fact, for women, most of their fertility is affected by behaviors around them, such as the above factors. And we all know that some problems can change the amount, such as obesity and quitting smoking and alcohol.

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