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Sexually hungry netizens cheat with me, conquering the best women in the bathroom!
I believe that many people have a new understanding of feelings after marriage just as I do. After marriage, the feelings have deteriorated, and there is only love between husband and wife. When my wife focused on her family and children, I betrayed her. Cheating with netizens, they conquered a superb beauty woman Fan in the hotel bathroom. In fact, betrayal is nothing, isn't my superb netizen beauty also betrayed.

Sexually hungry netizens cheat with me, conquering the best women in the bathroom!

My wife and I were very affectionate before marriage. However, since the marriage, the life of Chaimi Youyan has turned a gentle woman into a female man, an angry yellow-faced woman, especially after the child was born. In the eyes of my wife, I have nothing The focus of her has been placed on the fringe area.

When I was lost, I met Xiaofan on the Internet. I knew she was a college student who had just graduated and would come to work hard in this city. There are few friends here, so I really like chatting online. In fact, I was very happy to chat with Xiao Fan. I knew that she was already married, her face belonged to the best category, and she had a good body of 1.17. But because her husband is out of town, he is very lonely and can only chat online.

Later, we often stayed together, often went out to play and dine together, and we often talked late into the night on the Internet. She was very considerate and very good at cooking. She often called me to her house for dinner. In this way, after a year of understanding, we are very familiar with it and almost talk about it.

I was asked to hang out one night. She was very thin and extremely seductive that day. Looking at her very melancholy, I asked her about her feelings for the first time. She said that her husband was doing business in a foreign country. Basically It is only once a year. I just leaned on my shoulder and cried, and I listened to her all night. She kept crying and made me feel pitiful and sad.

That night we went to the hotel to open a room, and I conquered her in the bathroom. This superb beauty has since become my lover.

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