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The confession of a deceitful woman, betrayal only for seeking excitement!
In the eyes of most people, a woman's derailment means that she has become pessimistic about her feelings, but the confession of a derailed woman tells us that a woman's derailment is not necessarily unloved and she is purely lonely only in pursuit of excitement.

The confession of a deceitful woman, betrayal only for seeking excitement!

My name is Xiaomei, and I am derailed in pursuit of excitement. After I was married, I was at home all year round. I took my children or talked to my neighbors every day. I gradually felt that my life was boring. So I went to the place where my husband was traveling for business, but I was too tired. Of passion.

In this way, I still live the kind of boring days before, and I met a better man by chance while chatting online. So the two talked more, so gradually we were together, and I betrayed my husband.

At the beginning, we felt that there was nothing, it was just playing and looking for excitement. But then our relationship went one step further and we got into a relationship. Almost every week we are tired and secretly together. At the time, I still felt sorry for my husband, after all, it cost him a green hat.

He feels that I understand me very well, and when they are together, they feel very well together and really don't want to give up this extramarital affair. But when I think of my husband, I feel extremely guilty. After all, he spent his money looking for excitement. I was worried what to do if my husband found out.

Later, after struggling for a while, I still broke up. I felt that I should be separated from my lover for a while and calm down. If I still ca n’t forget him after separation, then I will choose to divorce directly. However, my deception betrayed my family, my husband still didn't know. Do you guys and I have to talk to my husband? If he knows if I am derailed, will he forgive my own behavior? Now I am very entangled in my heart, afraid that when we say that we will really face divorce, I guess he will not forgive me. This is my confession after derailment.

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