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Friends sexual dysfunction, beautiful newlyweds linger with me!
I never expected to have a relationship with a friend's newlywed wife. Although I was a bit confused after being drunk, but the lingering feeling that night made me unable to forget, so whenever I think about a friend, I feel guilty, I even slept with his wife Were together.

Friends sexual dysfunction, beautiful newlyweds linger with me!

Xiaojun and I only met at the university. We are iron buddies who have nothing to say. The two of us live in different cities, but our friendship has always been very strong. This year the small army is about to get married. Of course, as a buddy, I have to congratulate. However, because of problems with the project before departure, we can only deal with it first. Fortunately, the problem that was originally solved in one week was solved in four days, so I went directly to Xiaojun. Xiaojun brought his newlywed wife to meet me at the airport. At that time, I saw that his newlywed wife was so beautiful.

The past few days when I was looking for Xiaojun, he took my newlywed wife to accompany me everywhere, and lived in his new house. To be honest, when I lived in Xiaojun's house, my head was full of his newlywed wife before going to bed, and I really wanted to have something with her.

The night before I went home, I had a relationship with his newlywed wife. The three of us drank some wine that night, and the editor was told to go to work overtime, so we were left. I vaguely feel that the beautiful wife also likes me, so we slowly test her.

She didn't resist when my teasing was frivolous, so I pushed it to the sofa to have a relationship, and she kept lingering with me. From the sofa to the bed, the night was so crazy that it didn't end until the early morning. That night I also knew why the newlyweds were so hungry, because the young army had sexual dysfunction and could not satisfy her.

After staying for a few days, Xiaojun couldn't send me because of work, so I and his newlywed wife reluctantly separated at the airport. Although I do n’t know that there is a chance for him later, the madness that night was the happiest period.

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