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He licked me in the fitting room and cheated with his girlfriend's husband in the fitting room!
Now my girlfriend and my husband are still secretly in love. Since he licked me in the fitting room and made me derail, I found that I had fallen to the bottom. My girlfriend's husband is the type I like, and I am still Jealous envy girlfriend finds such a good husband.

He licked me in the fitting room and cheated with his girlfriend's husband in the fitting room!

After I married my husband, my life became very bland, without the original passion. Gradually, I became more and more indifferent to my husband, and didn't even want to see it. Later, I didn't expect that I derailed my girlfriend and my husband. All this made me feel very sorry for my husband and my girlfriend.

My girlfriend is an iron friend of junior high school. Our relationship is very good. Even if there is no school in high school, our relationship is still very good. The difference in the amount of alcohol we drink is less than a month. My husband is also a rich man. After marriage, he put most of his focus on his career, and can only stay at home alone. Although I can say that I do n’t need to work after marriage, but my husband is very dumb and has no fun and romance. On the contrary, my girlfriend ’s husband is a very romantic person. Little surprise.

The dullness after marriage made me unconsciously turn my attention to my girlfriend's husband, often thinking that it would be better if he was mine. It seems God knows my shout and the opportunity finally comes.

Girlfriend is going to study abroad for a few months, she asked me to buy a suit for her husband. That day, I met my girlfriend's husband in the mall and went to the suit shop he often went to. When trying on clothes in the fitting room, I was suddenly asked what to do if I had a problem with the button. I went in without saying anything. At that time, looking at his bare upper body, my heart was beating constantly. I found him watching me with affection.

In the possession of desire, I actively kissed him, and he hugged me. I licked me hard in the fitting room, which made me remember deeply.

That day the two of us played like crazy as a lover for a day, and naturally we had a relationship at night. The feeling of love has not been experienced after marriage, and I found that it has completely fallen, but she is my girlfriend's husband, what do you say I should do?

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