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Husband derailed her girlfriend and encountered double betrayal of marriage and friendship!
I often heard that I can share with my girlfriend except my husband, but my girlfriend got on with my husband, she and my husband have been derailed for two years, and I have been in the dark. I suffered from love and friendship. Double blow, they all betrayed. When I knew that my husband was cheating on my girlfriend, I decided to divorce decisively. But I still take care of him because he fell ill after loving him.

Husband derailed her girlfriend and encountered double betrayal of marriage and friendship!

I work in my father's company, and work is relatively smooth. When I was stable, I was going to marry my boyfriend who had been in love for three years, but finally broke up. He returned to his hometown and married the daughter of a finance minister. Since then I have never believed in love.

During the period of falling in love, I was very lost and helpless. However, Xiao Xu appeared, and later he became my husband. We met each other blindly. He is the head of a company with a four-year-old son. Although we are 5 years old, we are getting more and more attracted to each other. I admired his gentleness and we got married later.

Coincidentally, one of my good girlfriends happened to be my husband's company, because I often met because of me. At first, many people reminded me not to let my girlfriend go too close to her husband. At that time, I didn't take it seriously. The simple perfunctory passed. Later, when I saw my girlfriend talking to her husband and laughing and holding hands while shopping, I realized that it was myself who did not listen to others.

My girlfriend is a friend of junior high school, and she is my bridesmaid for my wedding, but I never expected that my girlfriend had derailed her husband and had been together for two years. Later, I decisively chose a divorce, and my girlfriend was completely cut off Relationship.

After being betrayed by friendship and affection, I was disheartened, and the pursuit of my colleagues made me gradually start a new relationship. But because of my son, I often ask about her husband. He was not with his girlfriend after divorce, and was also diagnosed with liver disease. However, I often took my son to see him, and he did not want me to remarry, but I felt that my colleagues would give me happiness, and we became a thing of the past.

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