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Colleagues marry the bride and drink, and the wedding night for the groom!
Until now, I can't believe that I was always timid. I even conquered my colleague's bride. On the wedding night of my colleague, something happened to me that is beyond description. At the wedding night, the bride drank high, and treated me as a husband. My colleague slept unconsciously outside, and instead of sleeping the bride on my wedding night, I still fear that this incident will be exposed.

Colleagues marry the bride and drink, and the wedding night for the groom!

I am an authentic Northeast, so the alcohol is not good. So I became a cousin of many colleagues to stop drinking. One colleague got married and invited me to be a best man, but I never thought it was me who slept with the bride that night.

That colleague is very well-known in the company, just because it is a holiday, so many colleagues have come to the wedding. Therefore, toasting too much, I was drunk with a large amount of alcohol, and the groom was directly taken to the house by us. After we had a rest, the banquet was not over, so we entered the ranks of drinking again. Even the bride drank a lot, and finally returned to the room to rest.

We had a very late drink that day, and there were many colleagues lying in the lobby, even the bride. Although I drink a lot of wine, it is a bit vague, but I am still a bit sober. When I saw that I was awake, I just found a room and went to sleep. When I was going to sleep, I found that someone was touching me. I didn't even move.

Then I found out who was the bride next to me. Because of the night and alcohol, the bride regarded me as a colleague, and the bride drank too high, and we had a relationship. I never imagined that my colleague's wedding night would be my replacement. Looking at the bride next to me, I don't know what to do. In order not to let them find out, I went out and carried the groom to the bed, pretending that they were sleeping together.

It was called around five o'clock the next day, and the moment I walked out of the community, I was completely guarded. Because the married bride drank too high and caused a relationship with me, I felt that giving a colleague a big hat made me a little bit guilty.

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