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The temptation of a glamorous wife, I and my neighbor next to each other to make a temporary couple!
The beautiful neighbour next door became my little wife for a month. She felt a little guilty for asking me nothing. After all, she has been a temporary couple for so long, and she has emotions.

The temptation of a glamorous wife, I and my neighbor next to each other to make a temporary couple!

The female neighbor was a beautiful young woman who was seduced by her when she first met. The 35-year-old is very well-maintained. She looks like a beautiful girl in her early 20s. She has been married for a long time. There is a woman who will come back several times because her husband is often out. Therefore, I like the existence of online brush, and my understanding with her is not luck either. We did not know it in reality, but we knew it online. Only later did we discover that we were neighbors, so we were even more excited.

I am also a married person. Before the marriage, I told her to live with my father. She also supported me, so we fell in love and got married. My wife is a middle-level manager of a state-owned enterprise, so she often travels for a long time. There was a time when I went abroad to study for a month, during that time I was extremely difficult, after all, it is very difficult to not love for a month.

Because I was bored, I was shaking my phone to play, and when I saw one that was in our community, I started talking. Later I knew it was the female neighbor next door. I don't know, I 'll talk more and more in the evening. At that time, the wife went abroad because she asked if her lover would miss him? She said it was human.

Later, the glamorous female neighbor sent a photo of home pajamas, and I said that it was tempting me? That night I thought about the photo and I could n’t sleep. At last, I got the courage to say that I wanted to see her. So I knocked on the door next door. We looked across the door, didn't talk, looked at her pretty face, dressed sexy. I pushed open the door and hugged her, and my neighbour was lying in my arms.

That night she conquered her on the sofa of her house and was afraid to drive me away afterwards. The next day I went again and hugged directly to bed. At first she struggled and we started to love. For a whole month, I made a temporary couple with my beautiful female neighbor. Gradually, I found that I became obsessed with the glamorous wife. My 7-year itch with my wife was coming, so I was a little bit close to each other, and found that I really like female neighbors. In the face of this situation, I don't know what to do, I feel sorry for her, and I don't know when I can marry her.

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