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Married woman derailed to engage in extramarital affairs, ten years later revived with the first love!
We all know that first love is the most memorable, and I never wanted to break up with first love for ten years. When I met him again, I was completely lost. I betrayed my husband and became a derailed married woman. Although I feel ashamed of my husband, I don't want to give up when I meet my first love again, I want to hold tight.

Married woman derailed to engage in extramarital affairs, ten years later revived with the first love!

My first love and I thought it was a party between the dormitories. My roommate is the girlfriend of a male classmate in the first love dormitory, so the four of us often eat, drink and have fun together. At the time, I liked him very much, but I did n’t have the courage to say it. In the end, we were together under the cooperation of the host Of course, he told me first.

After dating the first love, he said that the situation at home was not very good, so he was also very constrained in spending money. Even when we went out for a meal, it was AA. And I did not buy gifts for him to take care of his face, and even I began to save money. We stayed in the same city after graduating, but when parents knew his family, they were extremely opposed and often brainwashed. Then I took the initiative to break up, after which we lost all contact.

In the end, I married my husband under the arrangement of my parents. In fact, our relationship was very ordinary. Each day was busy, and it was like ten years.

I originally thought that such a bland life would let me pass like this all my life. Until the reunion some time ago, I met my first love. I also know that he hasn't got married yet. So we started all sorts of old stories, and finally we went to the hotel. We were together under the condition of broken silk and lights, and then I told him that I already have a family and children. However, what he said didn't mind moved me instantly.

In this way, I became a derailed married woman, and I started to have extramarital affairs with my first love. But afterwards, our family still knew about it, but I did n’t regret it. Although my husband told me to sever extramarital affairs, I could still accept me, but my heart was already in my first love and I did n’t want to let go.

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