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Newly-married wife derails male boss, is secretly caught in the office!
I have known my wife for 7 years, but we have only been married for less than half a year. I never imagined that my newlywed wife would be cheating with his male boss and was caught by me on the spot while cheating in the office.

Newly-married wife derails male boss, is secretly caught in the office!

Six months ago, I married her who had known me for almost 7 years, and she officially became my wife. Although we say we got married, we all cherish the people we are now. I have a baby who was born when I was unmarried. My job is that I do n’t have a fixed time and have to travel frequently. My wife ’s job is relatively stable. We always complain because I often do not go home in the middle of the night, but I can only maintain the status quo for family life.

My wife's work was more leisurely. One day, the boss of their company thought that she was more suitable for the sales department, so she wanted to reassign her. In fact, my wife's image or eloquence is good, so I think my wife's career I am happy to develop, so I also support it.

However, when my wife went to the sales department, she went out early and returned late every day. She was basically busy and had no time. I felt more busy than me. Slowly, things at home are not taken care of, and housework and even children are not attentive. They eat out every day and do not want to make their own meals.

From the beginning, I thought that I needed to adapt to a new post, so I could understand it, but I was unhappy after a long time. I talked to her about having a family, and we started arguing with the Cold War without her.

The relationship was very rigid, and the company had a chance to go on a business trip, so I signed up. By the time of the business trip, our relationship had eased a lot, and my wife was reluctant to travel. However, I am still on a business trip. As long as I return from a business trip, I will have a week's vacation, thinking that I can take my wife and children to play well.

After I returned from a business trip, I called my wife and said that she was still working overtime, so I wanted to surprise her and say that she hadn't returned yet. When I went to the unit to find her with a gift, I hurriedly forgot to bring my mobile phone, so I went to my wife's office. At this time, the office was basically dark. I thought my wife was going home and wanted to leave. But suddenly I heard the moaning sound. I listened carefully and found that it was the voice of my wife. I was furious and knocked directly on the door. But the lights in the office turned on, but no one came out.

So I was even more angry, kicking the office door directly, and the scene in front of me made me extremely angry. I saw the newly married wife being pressed down by the male boss. Later I beat the male boss a lot, and my wife was at a loss.

When I saw my newlywed wife cheating in the office, I realized why my wife was able to relocate to the post, and I was with my boss, and I haven't known the green hat I have been wearing for a long time.

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