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Drunk female colleague asked me to love her afterwards!
Unexpectedly, a party conquered the glamorous wife in the office and brought a lot of trouble afterwards. Since derailing female colleagues after drinking, we have been awkwardly embarrassed now. Both sides are family people. However, she has been pestering me now, how can I get rid of it.

Drunk female colleague asked me to love her afterwards!

I have been married for five years, and our relationship is as strong as my first love. In the eyes of my wife, I am a man of Gu family and a career, but my image was completely destroyed after half a month. She derailed a female colleague after a drink, and she is now entangled.

In fact, men are lascivious. Even if they are married, there is not much resistance to beauties. My glamorous wife has been attracting my eyes since I arrived at the company. I always peek at her from time to time, as if I fell in love at first sight. I was fascinated by the first sight.

We have known each other for a long time, it has always been a relationship between colleagues, and it has also been very harmonious. But just a few months ago, my female colleague began to send me some sloppy or ambiguous language, and I started to talk blindly, and gradually felt that the days when we rolled the sheets were not far away.

Half a year ago, our company had a dinner together. During the meal, all kinds of hi-drinks were a bit overdone. After leaving after dinner, I left with my female colleagues, and she also drank too much. When I said she was going to take her home, she started crying. I can only comfort her constantly. After she talked to me, I thought we could go back to each house and find a mother, but what I didn't expect was that the beautiful wife actually kissed me.

So I did not hold back and kissed directly, and finally we went to open a room and a super-friendship happened. But afterwards I regretted it, she began to pester me and kept asking me to love her. But we are all family members, and the relationship is really awkward now. So that the whole company now knows it. She even deceived her, but I think both parties are wrong. I wouldn't make a mistake if you did n’t take the initiative.

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