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Why do women like show love? Women love psychology!
When in love, women always like to publish photos of themselves and their boyfriends to the circle of friends, or they always like to gift each other in the circle of friends, send red envelopes, and even talk in love. Why do women like Xiu En'ai? This problem is probably a lot of trouble, so let's take a look at it.

Why do women like show love? Women love psychology!

Why do women like show love?

1.To record sweetness

On weekdays, group photos and sweet love words are recorded by sending a circle of friends. When you want to see it later, just open it and look at it. Because sweetness is recorded by memory, it is impossible to remember everything. So, there is a kind of woman who sends a group photo show of love all day long, perhaps just to record the sweetness.

2. In order to show off that I have objects

Women show love, in fact, to tell others that their boyfriends are very good. She even showed off that her boyfriend often buys gifts for herself and deliberately exposed the brand's logo to show that she had found a golden turtle. Of course, women with this kind of psychology are mostly more vain. The same may be exposed to the sun, perhaps to make others envy. Every time I see people commenting on "You boyfriend is really good" and "Your boyfriend is so generous", there will be a kind of contentment in my heart.

3. To declare sovereignty

When you have the subject, you will want the other person to send a group photo of them. This is equivalent to announcing the world, telling others that he already has a girlfriend, and they are very loving, don't disturb them anymore. Of course, it means the same thing when you send it out. Tell others who want to chase themselves that they have the Lord. Do n’t waste your mind chasing. This is actually a way to reject others.

Of course, no matter what the woman is showing for love, people show in their circle of friends, there is nothing to say about others. It ’s good if they like it, as an outsider, there is nothing to say. I do n’t like to watch it, just block it directly, there is no need to ridicule others.

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