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The secret of women's love, the way to warm up the feelings!
Love needs two people to run together. Two people go together, not necessarily the man's initiative. Women's proper initiative can help improve relationships. So, these women love secrets, please be sure to find out.

The secret of women's love, the way to warm up the feelings!

Three love secrets.

1.Speak your feelings

If you want to be good, you need to communicate well. Many couples break up because they don't communicate. For example, a woman is angry, and a man does not know why she is angry, so he does not coax. The woman felt that he did not coax himself, and certainly did not love himself. Then two people fell into the cold war, one didn't say, the other didn't coax, the two didn't communicate, and eventually they broke up because of misunderstanding. When women are in love, they must know how to express their feelings. Only when they say it, can the man know what you think, how to coax you, and know where they are wrong before they can correct them.

2. Express your love

You must learn to express love in your relationship. Some people say that two people are together, and you like to know whether you like it or not. There is no need to preach it. Especially women are more restrained and seldom say that I love you so unkindly. However, a woman should appropriately express her love and tell her love so that the other person can understand it more intuitively, without the need to carefully guess your love for him. Therefore, women may wish to say something appropriate, say more like, and a bit of love between couples is possible.

3.More tolerance and understanding

Too much care is a taboo in love. In the relationship, there should be more tolerance and understanding. Don't get angry because he didn't buy you the food you like, you should be more distressed that he ran several streets for your favorite food. Don't blame him because he didn't answer your call while working, but understand him so that he can work at ease. Not to mention muttering in his ears for small things all day long. Over time, it will make him think you are a grudge. Slowly, I don't think you are cute, you are considerate, and you may even feel annoyed.

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