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My one night stand experience, rural life makes me feel so kind!
Who would have thought that I had love with my husband for 7 years and I also had the energy of a lover, and I was still a stranger who didn't know for a long time. I didn't even know his name, and we never contacted or met again overnight.

My one night stand experience, rural life makes me feel so kind!

My husband is a very handsome boy, and we all shyly flushed when we first met. I am a very emotional person. I was emotional when he looked at me silently, so we were together. We got married a year later.

Life after marriage has always been very happy. After having a daughter, he not only takes care of me but also takes care of his daughter. Often they coaxed me after coaxing their daughter. I often tease her. I am a child who has not grown up and has a lot of children's tempers, but my husband has always been used to me.

Maybe many people will say that it can be done before marriage, but my husband has done it for 7 years, and it is still good for me, and it hurts me very much. My sisters are all looking for a good husband, and I hope that someone like me hurts. But they do n’t know. In fact, I feel that there is a little lack of color in my life now, so I went back to the countryside by myself, where I lived as a kid, and wanted to see what I lacked in life.

There is no exhaust in the countryside, no factories, no bright lights, only tranquility and bird calls. I stayed in a farmhouse and the rooms were cheap and clean. Looking at the rustic life in the countryside, I feel very kind. I often go to the show at night and find it very often. I recorded it directly on my mobile phone and wanted to take a look at it when the pressure was high.

Just after watching dinner, I met a very talkative handsome guy. Chatted with me at the table, and after chatting we found that we lived in the same farmhouse. After dinner I was invited to the bar for a meeting, because I drank a lot of wine and no one ever talked so sweetly to me, so he followed me to my room, and we had a relationship that night.

After waking up, it was just me. Although I was a little scared, I didn't regret it, because that was the life I wanted. This feeling is not in marriage. This is my experience of one night stand.

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