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The temptation of the neighbor's widow fell to the bottom after she derailed her neighbor!
I didn't expect that I often surfed the net and I met a romantic widow next door that made my heart move. In order to facilitate our sneaking, the widow moved directly to my house next door. Now that my wife is a familiar stranger, and after being derailed, I have completely fallen in love with the romantic widow. What should I do in the face of this situation, and divorce still continue to cheat.

The temptation of the neighbor's widow fell to the bottom after she derailed her neighbor!

I have been married to my wife for more than six years, and is about to enter the 7-year itch. Our relationship is very plain now, holding her feels like a stranger. Later, I found my wife's betrayal. I thought on the Internet that I thought a young and beautiful widow, and her passion made me fall directly.

My wife is the most important to her career. In front of her career, her family is small. In order to get more salary, she basically has to work overtime and then work overtime. And I am a civil servant who just wants to hold my wife's hot hoe. Because of the difference between the two, it is destined not to be the same person.

It has been more than six years and my wife still has no idea of ​​having a child, and I have often been told by my parents that I have been giving birth. Many times to discuss with his wife is still only work. But my sincerity was in return for my wife's betrayal. I saw the message that she opened a house with the company leader on my wife's mobile phone, and her betrayal made me become obsessed with the Internet. Just on a social platform I met a romantic widow.

We are husband and wife on the Internet. She is a 34-year-old young widow with a daughter. The reason why she became a widow is because her husband cheated, and others were killed by revenge. She said a lot of things, and the various injuries made me feel very sorry for her. And she felt my care and asked to meet. The first time we met, we had a relationship, which let me experience passion for a long time. In order for us to stay together for a long time, she moved directly to my next door.

My relationship with the romantic widow was not revealed. When my wife was on a business trip, I had the opportunity to spend the night at her house. Gradually, I found that I fell in love with the Merry Widow completely.

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