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I had a relationship with my girlfriend and girlfriend, and I felt overweight after guilty!
My girlfriend and I have always been extremely happy and enviable couples. However, because of the relationship between my girlfriend and my girlfriend, I now often have a girlfriend who is cheating. The stimulating life makes me feel excited and guilty.

I had a relationship with my girlfriend and girlfriend, and I felt overweight after guilty!

My girlfriend is a well-known webcaster, very beautiful and sexy. I saw her live broadcast when I was a junior, and I tried all kinds of ways to ask her WeChat, and then all kinds of shameless chats And started chasing. We only met after about a year of chatting. Of course, after the meeting, our feelings were like rockets, and she finally became my boyfriend. She broadcasts live in a platform company, so I often go there.

There I met my girlfriend's girlfriend, she is also a beauty. She and her girlfriend are totally two styles. Girlfriend is sweet and elegant, while her girlfriend is a thorny rose, which is extremely sexy. The relationship between them is very good, even we will take her when we are dating, of course, taking two big beautiful women out, I also feel that there is face, there is not much resistance.

But what I didn't expect was that my girlfriend's girlfriends actually meant to me. On the day before my birthday, my girlfriends girlfriend sent me a message asking me to make an offer. I must have refused. I must have been with my girlfriend that day. But what I didn't expect was that my girlfriend and girlfriend had confessed to me, saying that she always liked me and wanted to be with me. I was a little ecstatic and a little surprised.

After my birthday, I just look at my girlfriend's girlfriends. So when I went to her house, I found out that my girlfriend and girlfriend really loved me very much. She had pictures of me in her room, and posted a very eye-catching word, that is, you must chase me.

To be honest, I was very touched when I saw it. My girlfriend never gave me any gifts, and my girlfriend's girlfriend room was full of my photos, and I was very moved. On the same day, I said I could not go home, and had a relationship with my girlfriend's girlfriend. She still liked to be behind me, so we were always cheating.

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