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After a break up, I was drunk, and my girlfriend boyfriend was in the bathtub!
Those who are all broken love are the easiest things to do. Sure enough, I lost love last month, and my three-year-old boyfriend left me. He said that I have everything, that is, the need for love is too great. I was aggressive when I heard this answer, and it was for him that I became like this. After falling out of love, my mood broke down, and I wanted to get drunk. I know that my girlfriend and boyfriend intimate in the bathtub after drinking, made me feel sorry for my girlfriend.

After a break up, I was drunk, and my girlfriend boyfriend was in the bathtub!

I have been with my ex-boyfriend for three years. We talked for a whole day before we broke up, but we still broke up. But are the feelings of three years scattered? Anyway, I still think about him. My girlfriends knew that I would not eat or drink after I fell in love, and took time off to accompany me.

My girlfriend and I are college classmates. We did n’t have a boyfriend during college, so we ate, drank, and played together. Our relationship is very deep, and after graduation we are working in the same city.

The love affair almost caused me to collapse. My girlfriend brought me to her house. At that time my girlfriend's boyfriend was very familiar with me, so I didn't say anything about my arrival, and even cooked a table. I hoped that he was my boyfriend.

My girlfriend was going to get drunk with me that day, but because of something in the company, I was called back to deal with things, so only my boyfriend and my girlfriend were left. He told me a lot of things, and drinking made me more ambiguous. He kissed me but I pushed away rationally, trying to forget this as much as possible.

So after eating, I went to take a shower. However, while I was taking a shower, my girlfriend's boyfriend pushed in and came in. I didn't have any sense at all. When I was in love, I was very afraid that my girlfriend would come back suddenly, so we didn't have intimate time for a long time.

When I came back to the room, I calmed down and felt inexplicable sadness. I was a little bit miss for my girlfriend's boyfriend, but I felt guilty when facing my girlfriend. That night, my girlfriend returned home in the early morning, and she helped me cover the quilt. .

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