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How to prevent her derailment? How to prevent her husband from being derailed?
The word derailment is very eye-catching. Many men in life have derailed experience. Of course, men will derail, in addition to their own care, but also have a relationship with women. Because women play the role of wives in marriage, if the wife does not do well, men will be derailed. In this regard, how can women prevent their husbands from being derailed?

How to prevent her derailment? How to prevent her husband from being derailed?

How to prevent her derailment?

1. Don't be too strict

Now some women are very strong, or do not have confidence in themselves, feel that they are not attractive enough, can not always hold their husband's heart. Therefore, the husband is kept in control all day, for example, all the wages are turned in, and every time he spends money, he must find his wife. For example, otherwise let your husband contact the opposite sex, whether it is a colleague or a friend, there must be no opposite sex. For example, checking the post all day, dozens of calls a day, asking where the other party is and what they are doing! It makes her husband have no private space, not even a little freedom.

Such women are terrible. Don't forget that everyone needs to be quiet, so they need private space. I was stared at it all day long, and that life would be very depressing. Otherwise, the women think for themselves. If your husband asks you to keep in touch for 24 hours and report your schedule at any time, you ca n’t go out. How do you feel? Presumably they are all broken! So after the women get married Don't be too strict, if there is tightness and looseness, marriage can be harmonious.

Second, more praise

Many men are derailed after getting married, most of whom are aggrieved at home, such as being scolded for nothing and even being beaten all day, making them feel unable to lift up and have no dignity at all. You know that men like to be worshipped by women and don't get warmth at home, then he will look for warmth outside. Therefore, after the women get married, they should talk appropriately, praise their husbands, and let him gain some sense of worship to satisfy their big men's ideas. In this way, the man feels that the home is very warm and naturally does not have the idea of ​​derailment.

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