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What's it like to be derailed? Married wife dictates first derailment experience!
Do you know what it feels like to be derailed? Maybe many people will not derail, so I don't know what it feels like. Then let's take a look at the feeling of first derailment dictated by a married wife.

What's it like to be derailed? Married wife dictates first derailment experience!

I have never been a good woman, and I have been looking forward to having an indescribable relationship with others during my relationship. I think this is my nature. The so-called nature is difficult to change. Although I vowed to be loyal to our marriage when I was married, the first derailment after marriage came. It gave me a feeling of excitement besides excitement.

My husband was very good to me when I was in love. He would meet me no matter how late or hard I worked. However, after marriage, it changed. He started to focus on his work and always wanted his own house and car.

Gradually we started to quarrel, and our husband began to return late. This kind of life made me think of derailment for a time, so I started looking for various derailable objects on the Internet. By nature, it feels more passionate to derail a stranger.

In this way, I added a friend through WeChat, and we had a feeling of meeting each other and hating being late. He, like me, is also a group of people with unfortunate marriages, and he needs to find a person to talk to. Just a day later we were scheduled to meet. That night I was very excited. This was my first derailment and my heartbeat was a bit fast.

However, after meeting, I did not expect that he turned out to be my girlfriend's husband. The two were very embarrassed, but in the end they sat together. We all knew what would happen.

We went to the hotel after dinner in the evening, and that night we spent the night in the hotel bed, and agreed to maintain such a relationship.

Because of that derailment, my heart became enthusiastic, went to my girlfriend's house frequently, and my behavior began to be bold. The two of us met at our girlfriends last weekend. At that time, my husband and my girlfriend were busy in the kitchen. Is my body collision very exciting? Later, my husband and my girlfriend went to buy wine, and we embraced each other. , But worried that my girlfriend and her husband would not do anything extraordinary when they returned. The spiritual communication during the meal, and the lingering under the table made me full of happiness. Now I have been shrouded in happiness and just want to think for myself.

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