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Traveling with a female colleague, I slept with my female colleague that night and betrayed my wife!
In any case, I did not expect to betray my wife that night when I was on a business trip with a female colleague, and slept her that night. However, when sexual desire comes, rational thoughts will be left behind, thinking of falling asleep in my heart. Now I also regret sleeping with my female colleague. It would be great if I kept my heart when I was on a business trip. Now I have completely fallen in love with my female colleague. However, both families have families, which makes me very confused.

Traveling with a female colleague, I slept with my female colleague that night and betrayed my wife!

Two weeks ago, the company sent me on a business trip with a female colleague. My female colleague is a very famous social friend. The amount of alcohol is very good. Faced with such a beautiful and capable social flower, many male colleagues were eager to her. However, in my eyes, female colleagues have a very good relationship with everyone, but they have never passed on scandals. After I joined the company, she was also taken care of by her very much. Because of her contact at work, we believe that she is more familiar. She often chats on WeChat, and she also appointments in private. So we did not break through.

I went on a business trip two weeks ago. When it was more than ten in the evening, I was resting in the room. A female colleague sent a message saying she couldn't sleep and was afraid to come to my room to chat. When we were chatting, we turned off the lights directly. Because of the twin bed, she was lying in another bed, and we chatted about some things on the day of the business trip. Gradually I couldn't hold back, and went straight to sleep with a female colleague that night.

Originally we said that it was over, but the gentleness of the female colleague made me fall in love with him completely. Later, we made several appointments and went out several times.

However, because of the family relationship, we are not so frequent. I can see that female colleagues have been trying their best to protect the family and will not choose a divorce. And it was waiting for her to divorce. Now I think in my heart are all female colleagues, and even my wife is unwilling to touch. Now that I am completely in love, what should I do? Female colleagues will not be because I divorce.

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