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How to keep fresh in love?
Love is beautiful, but as time goes by, the freshness between the two people will disappear, thus making the two people's feelings into a trough. At this time, if you don't keep your thoughts fresh in time, it is easy to lose the other party. So how to keep fresh in love? Xiaobian feel that in love can not be stupid white sweet, only have a snack machine in order to retain each other.

How to keep fresh in love?

How to keep fresh in love?

1. Proper worship

When he is worshipped, he can satisfy men's desire to conquer. Adoring your partner properly can make the other person psychologically satisfied. If you accuse the other side of this day not, that will not work, it will hurt the other's self-confidence. This makes him feel tired of falling in love with you. Slowly, he will choose to leave you.

In this regard, it is recommended that women praise the other half appropriately. For example, when he made breakfast for you, although it is not very delicious, you still have to laugh and say, "It's delicious, thank you dear breakfast!" When He was busy all morning and heard that you were praised, and his heart was naturally joyful. If you say "It's really bad, is it cooked by someone?" Then he will be disappointed. If he always does this, he won't feel his value and will gradually alienate you.

2.Understand men

Men also have a lot of weaknesses, but they pretend to be strong for home. It's a lot of times, they also want someone to comfort and hope someone can help share some pressure. When in love, women need to understand men and don't always let men coax themselves. You must learn to observe. When you find that your boyfriend is unhappy, upset, or absent-minded, you might as well hold him gently and ask him what's wrong? If he doesn't say, but doesn't push you away, then you have to do Yes, holding him all the time and touching his head. Because he didn't speak, he was upset. He doesn't push you away, indicating that he wants your comfort. Therefore, when women are in love, be smart and understand men.

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