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Why are so many women divorced? What are the reasons for women's divorce?
Divorce rates are high today, and women are not the only ones who file for divorce. Why are so many women divorced? Of course, women have a reason to divorce. In addition to their own reasons, there are many external factors. The following situations are the final factors that cause women to propose divorce.

Why are so many women divorced? What are the reasons for women's divorce?

What causes most women to divorce?

1. Being left out

Many women want to go to work after they get married. The husband will say that the money earned is not enough to ask for a nanny. It is better to resign and take the children at home. Therefore, they choose to be a full-time mother at home. They are busy taking care of their children every day, even taking care of their parents-in-law and doing housework. I am so busy every day that I don't even have enough time to sleep. I don't have time to dress myself up.

You know that people like beautiful people, and women who are busy at home all day have no time to dress up. Slowly it will become a yellow-faced woman who is full of beauty all day long. Faced with such a wife, the husband naturally does not like it, and may even become disgusted. Slowly, women will be left out, and they will not be willing to be affectionate. A woman who has been left out for a long time will naturally feel lonely and feel wronged. Women who are not comforted, and see no hope of their husbands turning back, will choose to divorce.

2. Being run

Many women divorce because they can't stand the in-laws' run. Many parents-in-law think that daughter-in-law is married to take care of them, and to have grandchildren in the future. After the women marry, they not only have to work and work all day, but also go home to do laundry, cook and clean up the housework. It can be said that life after marriage makes them more tired than when they are single. And many in-laws want grandchildren, and when women give birth to daughters, they ridicule all day. This way of running the whole day, no one can stand it. Therefore, the women choose to divorce and live a chic life.

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