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How to take the initiative in ambiguous period? Women love tips!
Before men and women enter into love, there is often a period of ambiguity. In the ambiguous period, if you meet a more introverted boy, if the woman is not ambiguous, it may be difficult to make progress. So, women need to learn a little love skills on weekdays. So how to take the initiative in the ambiguous period? This method is good, you can try.

How to take the initiative in ambiguous period? Women love tips!

How to take the initiative in ambiguous period?

First, tell him what you think

For introvert boys, they are more afraid of being rejected. Therefore, in the ambiguous period, even if you really want to meet you, do not dare to take the initiative. If you think he is good and want to communicate next, then you can tell him what you think. For example, tell him you have time, you can go on a date, where you want to play, and hope that he can accompany himself and the like. You take the initiative to talk to him and give him a chance so he can understand what you think. The other party doesn't have to guess, let alone fear that you will be rejected.

Second, more contacts on weekdays

During the ambiguous period, the two parties observe and test their hearts. Therefore, it is necessary to make more contacts on weekdays so that you can observe and understand each other more, and the other party is also the same. After more chances of contact, if the other party has a good opinion, they will often ask you to go out to play, eat, and so on. Well, then find a timetable, or two naturally come together. Therefore, when the other party asks you, don't be arrogant. It is OK to refuse once or twice, but not more than two times, otherwise the other party will think you have no meaning to him.

When some women are in the ambiguous period, they express themselves in the circle of friends that they are very busy and bored, and they have time to go out to play. Show the other person intentionally to give him a chance to meet him. But when the other party asked her, he refused for various reasons. This is too preposterous. If you do this many times, the man will think you are a difficult person to serve. You may even think that you have more than one suitor, because he will feel that since you have time to date, but you have rejected him, it is natural that you have chosen to date someone else.

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