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The reasons that affect the relationship between husband and wife, the source of marriage breakdown!
Over time in marriage, conflicts are prone to occur. Some couples choose to resolve conflicts, while others let the contradictions grow. If you want a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, please understand the reasons that affect the husband and wife relationship in time, so that you can solve it in time, so as to better promote the husband and wife relationship and maintain family harmony.

The reasons that affect the relationship between husband and wife, the source of marriage breakdown!

Reasons affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

First, too indifferent

Now there is a new model of getting along with each other. Although two husbands and wives return home and share the same bed, they each do their own thing. There is no intersection between the two. Apart from living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed, other lives are no different from being single. You need to know that the relationship is to be maintained. No one cares about anyone. There is nothing more than a piece of paper to prove that it is a marriage relationship. Feelings will slowly wear off and eventually produce disgust.

Second, sexual life is not satisfied

Both men and women have this need, because people have sexual desire. If the sexual life can not be satisfied in marriage, it is one of the fuses that lead to the breakdown of marriage. After all, asexual marriage is really difficult. A reasonable and comfortable sexual life between the couple can promote the warming of the relationship, because the close contact between the two people's bodies can help fuel the feelings. Therefore, regarding the aspect of sexual life, husbands and wives should pay attention to it, and must not perfuse things, or it will easily affect the feelings.

Third, dishonesty hides too much

Husband and wife should be honest and not be too wary of each other. If everything is counted, then the trust will eventually be lost. Because trust between husbands and wives is very important. They are people who have been together for decades. Counting each other all day, the other party will be very tired and insecure. For example, both parties conceal their income. For example, although they are married, they both have ambiguous opposite sexes in order to one day be unable to survive, and they can immediately find their next home.

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