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How to test the true heart of her boyfriend? Test the man's way!
When in love, many women want to try to test the man's heart. Because of their lack of security, they always choose to explore to find her boyfriend. Note that proper temptation can help to warm up the relationship. So how to test the true heart of her boyfriend? I think these methods are good, you can try. But be careful, don't try too often, otherwise your boyfriend will feel tired, think you don't trust him, and choose to break up with you.

How to test the true heart of her boyfriend? Test the man's way!

How to test the true heart of her boyfriend?

First move, if you leave

When you first started together, don't stick to each other. Keep an attitude of staying aloof. If someone likes you, they want to see you all the time and want to chat with you. If you did n’t answer his phone that day and did n’t return his information, it would be crazy. Will keep giving you information asking if you are sick or something. They even go to where you live and take a look to ensure your safety.

If you don't love you, you won't take the initiative to contact him, and he will not take the initiative to find you. Because for him, you are not his only dish, and there are other women when you leave. So, if you stay away, for him, he will not care. If you encounter such a situation, please let go in time and do not delay your feelings. With so many single people in the world, why waste time on someone who doesn't love themselves?

Second trick, tender words

A man who loves you will enjoy your tenderness. After all, every time I slap others by myself, and occasionally be stabbed by someone I like, that's also very good. So when you suddenly become very tender and full of love in front of him, he will cooperate with you and enjoy it. At that time, if he did n’t really like you, no matter how good you are and how gentle you are, it will be wrong for him, but he will rebuke you. Why did you become a person and did you derail you? Push all the errors to you On his body.

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