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What should I talk about on my first date? Notes for First Date!
Today, men and women are introduced by others, and there are many people in love. When two people you do n’t know first meet, in order to avoid embarrassment and get the information you want, pay attention to the topic of chat. So what is the best way to talk about your first date? Women are advised to take a look. This part will help you better control your date.

What should I talk about on my first date? Notes for First Date!

What should I talk about on my first date?

First, talk about eating

Eat every day. When you talk about eating, you can understand the other person ’s taste, see if they like spicy or sweet, and usually eat more fast food or cook for themselves. At the same time, they also understand what the other party has to avoid, so that in the process of getting along with each other, the choice of food will be less likely to conflict. If you say that you are eating, and the other person also loves food, then if there is a common topic, the conversation box of the two will be opened at once, thus increasing the favorability.

Second, talk about travel

Nowadays, no matter whether they are men or women, many people like to travel and enjoy the feeling of not being bothered by work. This is a good way to decompress. If you love to travel, you can talk to the other person about it. If he is interested, he will talk about it. Your chatting process will be very enjoyable, because when chatting, he may share with you his travel strategy, what he saw and heard on the road. You can even know the way he usually travels through chat. If you agree with you, the more speculative you will be, the better your impression will be.

Third, talk about hobbies

Different topics are different in hobbies. When you meet for the first time, you should talk about hobbies. Because if the hobbies are the same, there will be no obstacles to communication and it will be easier to talk. You can also understand clearly his daily habits and lifestyle. If you accept his habits, you can get along better after seeing the right eye. If it is his hobby, or your hobby, it is he or you hate most. Then he or you have the right to choose to abandon you and choose a like-minded person.

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