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Why dare not remarry after divorce? Women's troubles about remarriage!
Many families today are divorced because of one or another of these problems. Since they are divorced, they are single, but when they meet a suitable person, they naturally want to remarry. But many women dare not remarry, so why do women dare not remarry after divorce? There are naturally many factors in this, and women should look at it.

Why dare not remarry after divorce? Women's troubles about remarriage!

Why dare not remarry after divorce?

First, no confidence

Many women are already 30 or 40 years old when they divorce, and they are no longer young at this age. If you do not have the habit of dressing up on weekdays, the whole will look older. Therefore, women are often not confident enough to face such selves. Even if someone pursues it, he feels that he doesn't deserve him, and chooses the other's pursuit. Some women even complained that they thought they were divorced, inferior to others, and unworthy of having love again, so they dare not remarry.

Second, fear of failing again

Women after divorce may be hostile to men and think that men are not good. In the face of men's pursuits, they always feel that the other party has ulterior motives, and it is not because they really love themselves that they want to be with them. With colored glasses all day to see those who are pursuing oneself, they cannot believe the other person's character. Even if she accepted a new relationship, she did not dare to enter the marriage, because she was afraid that she would not be divorced again after she remarried. She didn't want to experience failure again.

Third, fear of being looked down on

Many divorced women are more inferior because they have been married or even had children. In addition, I am not too young, if I find another person to remarry. You will worry that your in-laws look down on you, especially the woman you are looking for who has not been married. In this case, after they remarry, they not only have to worry that the husband will abandon themselves, but also worry that the in-laws look down on themselves, that they will wear "small shoes" for themselves, and so on. But in fact, these concerns are worrying, and divorced women also have the right to regain their happiness.

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