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The secret of a happy marriage, how do women have a good marriage?
Any woman wants a happy marriage, remembering that this requires business to own, not just to know how to accept. Therefore, it is recommended that married women, to understand the secrets of a happy marriage, to help you have a good marriage and live a happy little life.

The secret of a happy marriage, how do women have a good marriage?

Tips to make a woman happy in marriage.

First, make a pistachio

As a wife, you need to meet your husband and even in-laws first. If you are a pistachio, your husband and in-laws are happy, and the family is naturally harmonious. The in-laws will treat you well, and the husband will cherish you even more. Therefore, women should learn to speak good words, smile more, don't pull a face all day long, and show in-laws and husbands faces. Remember, being a smiley person is even more pleasing.

Second, stay beautiful

Part of the reason why many women are abandoned in marriage is because they are old and yellow, and their husbands have abandoned them because they have no charm. Anyone likes no one, even a woman herself, when she sees a handsome guy, she will look a few more times. Therefore, even if women are married, they can't be wronged. I like to dress up before marriage, and it should be the same after marriage to keep myself beautiful at all times. When you are always beautiful and beautiful, your husband will only worry about others colliding with you instead of going out to look for Primary Three.

Third, he will praise his husband

Children who grow up in praise are more confident and attractive, and they are more motivated to do things. As a wife, please always praise your husband and give him self-confidence, instead of only scolding and complaining all day, telling him that his ability is low, and even that he is not a man. Going on like this for a long time, trampled on his self-esteem, will make him loathe you. I feel that you have changed, no longer as gentle as water, but like a bitch. Remember, no one likes shrews who dance their teeth all day, men like gentle women, because such women can satisfy their self-esteem and feel their dignity as men.

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