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What to do if I don't feel safe when in love? Ways for women to feel safe!
After a lot of women broke up, when friends asked about the reason for the breakup, they would say, I feel insecure in this relationship. This is a problem that many women have. If it is not resolved in time, the next relationship is likely to repeat the same mistakes. So what to do if you don't feel safe when in love? It is recommended to look at the methods for women to feel safe.

What to do if I don't feel safe when in love? Ways for women to feel safe!

What to do if I don't feel safe when in love?

First, know yourself correctly

Many women are insecure when they fall in love, because of their self-confidence. She felt that she looked average, capable, and charming. At the same time, she felt that her boyfriend was excellent and she didn't deserve him. In short, she feels so good every day, it will attract the attention of many girls. I was always worried that he would be seduced by other good girls and leave her.

This idea is wrong, and women should know themselves correctly. To know that feelings are mutual, two people who attract each other can see each other. If they are not attracted to you, why should they be with you. You feel that you are not good enough and have no charm. But your boyfriend doesn't think so. Since he chooses to fall in love with you, there must be something in your body that he likes. Because I appreciate you, feel hello, attracted to you, so I like you, love you, and willing to be with you.

Second, improve yourself

Women who feel insecure in their relationships are mostly too dependent on their boyfriends. It seems that if he left him, he couldn't live. So I was afraid he would leave all day. Therefore, he checks and sticks to him every day. This is a very annoying love model, because anyone needs free private space. The days of being stared at every moment can be difficult, and women are advised to improve themselves, make themselves better, and slowly become independent. You who have been promoted are full of charm, and your boyfriend will hold you tightly for fear that you will be taken away by other men.

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