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Don't save the four marriage status quo, especially domestic violence!
Many people think that after marriage is a good start, everyone knows that as the marriage slowly passes, the good life has become a nightmare. If the status quo of your marriage is still unsuccessful today, then don't let it go. The marriage that should be let go is still decisive.

Don't save the four marriage status quo, especially domestic violence!

These marriage statuses don't need to be!

First, domestic violence

Domestic violence in a marriage hurts women tremendously. If your husband always fights against you, don't be soft-hearted and unbearable. Such a marriage does not need to continue. A person who loves you will not always add hands and feet. It is more comfortable to leave alone than to be exposed to violence for a long time.

Second, derailment

The biggest crisis in marriage today is derailment. His derailment shows that the relationship between you has cracked. He would rather touch strangers than touch you. Even if you forgive him for being derailed, but he never changed his mind again and again. This kind of marriage can be said to have come to an end, and rather than tortured here, it would not leave.

Third, no communication

Communication in a perfect marriage can be said to occupy 90%. Without communication, there is no essence of marriage. Communication can alleviate the conflicts between husband and wife, and can strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. When your marriage has no communication, and the rest are only familiar strangers, then such a marriage does not need to be done. Once the conflict erupts, the husband and wife will become ex-husband and ex-wife.

Fourth, separation

In fact, many people still believe that the separation between the two places is still the same love, Xiaobian just want to say don't be stupid. Companionship is the longest-lasting good policy. An unaccompanied marriage will only make the feelings weaker and lighter, and will only allow each one to enter the hearts of others again.

In fact, the editor wants to say that if the marriage between you is in the above four status quos, then don't be fanciful. Even if it is restored, your marriage will not last long. Marriage may be a paradise for some people. , But there may be hell for some people.

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