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Nail polish must learn professional nail polish steps!
Nail art is very popular now, but most people's friends can't go to the store to paint it every day. So applying nail polish is a required course. Some women will find that applying nail polish at home is often not as perfect as applied by a manicurist. So how to apply nail polish and color it? May wish to learn these steps to make you more professional.

Nail polish must learn professional nail polish steps!

First: Difficult first, then easy

Most people in life are accustomed to using their right hand, so nail polish must be easy and easy afterwards. Therefore, at the beginning of the application, they are the most attentive, and it is very unaccustomed to apply the left hand to the right hand. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the difficult first to avoid panic.

Second: master the amount of nail polish

Do you know why a lot of people experience problems when applying? Because there are too many volumes, this problem occurs when applying. It is recommended to control the amount of nail polish, it is best to just apply the entire amount of nails, so there will be no benefits.

Third: The first coating method

How do you apply your nails? Do you start applying directly at any location? In fact, it is best to start with your fingertips, apply from two-thirds of your nails, and then apply from the middle, and finally The most even application.

Fourth: Apply after drying

In fact, many people apply the second layer immediately after applying the first layer. The best way is to wait for the first layer of nail polish to dry before applying. This will not remove the first layer of nail polish.

Fifth: wipe

Remember to wipe gently when applying nail polish, do not press directly, this can avoid uneven thickness.

In fact, most people apply nail polish at home to apply the color directly. It is recommended that you want to make your nails more beautiful and beautiful, then you can try the above several steps of coloring.

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