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Winter skin care pay more attention to two tips!
In winter, what do you feel besides feeling cold? Yes, it is dry! In winter, the skin becomes dry and moisturized, and it feels like the whole face has collapsed. It is really uncomfortable. If skin care is not taken seriously at this time, it is easier to damage the skin and make the skin drier. So what should you pay attention to in winter skin care? These skin care tips should be understood.

Winter skin care pay more attention to two tips!

What to pay attention to in winter skin care?

First, use less oil-absorbing paper

Many women with oily skin like to use oil-absorbing paper to suck away oil from their face. However, the weather is cold in winter, and the skin is less likely to get oil. If you use oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil at this time, the poor fat on the skin will be absorbed. In this way, the skin will not be protected by oil, which will destroy the skin's natural protective barrier, which will not help protect the skin.

Among them, when using oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil, more or less will take away some of the water, thereby making the skin more dehydrated. And when some women use it, the movement is not always gentle enough, and the wiping action is particularly rude, which easily scratches the skin. It is recommended to use less oil-absorbing paper. You can try moisturizing and soothing lotions that do not contain alcohol. Wet the cotton pads with lotion, then gently press on the skin, and let the skin slowly absorb. Helps hydrate and improve dry skin in winter.

Do not use scrubs

Some women enjoy exfoliating with scrubs, especially those who feel their faces are dirty. Keep in mind that this product is not suitable for everyone. Among them, sensitive skin should be used with caution, because sensitive skin is more susceptible to irritation and difficult to care for. If the irritating scrub is used for a long time or multiple times a day, the skin's natural barrier will be damaged, which will cause the skin's immunity to decrease and eventually lead to acne. Therefore, in order to prevent the skin problems from becoming more serious and the skin worsening, it is best not to use scrubs, if you must use them, please reduce the frequency of use.

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