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How do single eyelid girls draw eye shadows better?
We all know that the eyelid is divided into double eyelid and single eyelid, and the double eyelid makes people look more beautiful and moving. How to draw eyeshadow with a single eyelid? Today, I simply recommend several good-looking single-eyelid eye shadow painting methods.

How do single eyelid girls draw eye shadows better?

Painting Method 1: Natural Eye Shadow

Steps: First, apply a khaki eye shadow directly on the upper eyelid and the lower third of the eyelid close to the end of the eye, and then apply brown eye shadow directly on the upper and lower eyelids at the end of the eye to the end of the eye , Remember to elongate the outline of the eye. Then apply the light rose gold pearlescent eyeshadow directly to the rest of the lower eyelid and one third of the upper eyelid to achieve a brightening effect. Finally, draw a slightly elongated eyeliner along the upper lashes, and then brush the lashes with mascara. This color looks very natural with strawberry red lipstick.

Painting Method 2: Wine Red Eye Shadow

Steps: First, apply caramel-colored eye shadow on the upper and lower eyelids, and then use brown eye shadow directly in the triangular area of ​​the eye, and also slightly elongate the outline of the eye. Then take out the burgundy eyeshadow and apply it directly to the first half of the upper eyelid close to the eyelashes, then use a brown eyeliner to draw the second half. Finally, use the pearlescent lying silkworm eye shadow on the lower eyelid, and use the burgundy eye shadow on the second half of the lower eyelid.

Painting Method 3: Exquisite Eye Shadow

Steps: Girls with single eyelids can first use ivory-colored matte for direct primer, and then apply gold-copper-colored eye shadow directly to the lower half of the lower eyelid. Secondly, at the root of the upper eyelashes, start drawing the upper eyeliner directly with a gray liner, and continue to add color to the upper eyeliner with a black liquid liner. Then the lower eyelid is directly smudged with caramel color. Finally, the upper eyelashes are black, and the lower eyelashes are brown. The middle position can be added with a pearlescent eye shadow. The overall look is more temperamental.

About the single eyelid girl how to draw beautiful eye shadow, the above three are good options, friends can try it.

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