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Short girl dressing tips!
For short girls, the matching of clothes is particularly important. Learning to wear clothes can make the height of 1.5 meters wear the feeling of 1. 7 meters, so if the short girls want to be tall, they will learn Dress and match. Today, let's talk about the dressing skills of short girls.

Short girl dressing tips!

First: match on shoes

For short girls, heightening shoes or high-heeled shoes are undoubtedly the best choice. I recommend directly choosing pointed high-heeled shoes. This type of high-heeled shoes is not only a trend but also a long skirt or trousers Make your legs more slender.

Second: vertical stripes clothing

In the choice of clothes, it is recommended to choose vertical striped clothing. This type of clothing, whether vertical or narrow, can help elongate the body, and it can also give a clean and neat image.

Third: pants

How should short girls choose their pants? In fact, the length of the pants is either full length or cropped trousers or shorts. These pants can stretch the legs of short girls.

Fourth: skirt

Skirts are naturally essential for girls, so what kind of skirt is more suitable for short girls? In fact, too short skirts will cause the legs not to protrude, while too long skirts will appear more short-acting Fortunately, choose the half of the thigh or the short skirt to the kneecap, especially the belt skirt. It can not only shrink the waist but also elongate the waistline. The overall look is extremely high.

The above is about the dress matching of short girls. I want to say that if you want to be tall, you need to wear it from clothes to pants to shoes. Then you can learn the above wearing skills, especially for those who want to show height by wearing, it is best to choose vertical stripes on the top, and not too long. Fitted cropped trousers or high-waisted skirts are excellent choices. It is especially recommended that short girls wear more skirts, which can make your legs look super long.

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