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Height determines whether you are suitable for long hair or short hair!
In life, many girls are very fond of long hair, waiting for one day suddenly want to shorten their hair suddenly very reluctant. In fact, it means that you are very suitable for short hair. You have to know that the length of the hair is related to the height. In short, the height determines whether you are suitable for long hair or short hair. Check it out today, so that you do n’t cut it again.

Height determines whether you are suitable for long hair or short hair!

The first kind: below 1 meter 6

Are girls of this type suitable for long hair or short hair? In fact, they are more suitable for short hair above the neck. Once long hair is left, they will feel top-heavy, and the overall look is extremely uncoordinated, while short hair can be better Set off the temperament. For example, Zhou Dongyu, if you pay close attention to it, you will find that she usually has short hair no matter whether she is attending or attending the event. The whole person looks extremely refreshing and capable.

The second type: 1 meter 6 to 1 meter 68

In fact, this kind of girl is more suitable for shoulder-shoulder, this is also a very fashionable hairstyle. This hairstyle is very easy to match on clothes, and it can better modify the face, making people look more attractive. For example, Tong Liya in the entertainment industry, her height is more than 1.6 meters. When you see her with shoulder-length hair, it will be sexy and it looks extremely pure.

The third kind: 1 meter above 68

In fact, girls above 1 meter and 68 are tall, and this type of girl is very suitable for long hair. Regardless of whether you have long concave hair, straight hair, or suitable curly hair, they are extremely fashionable. You can take the sexy route as well as the pure route. For example, Guan Xiaotong, she has a height of more than 1m7, with long hair, how to look at the goddess level.

In fact, the height and the length of the hair correspond to each other. Only when the height and the hair are suitable can you have a comfortable feeling. Therefore, friends who want to change their hairstyles, or want to choose short hair, not only need to understand the suitability For your own hairstyle, you should also choose the right and short hair according to your height.

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