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Winter moisturizing tips! How does a woman skin care in winter?
It is cold and very dry in winter, so women's skin becomes particularly dry. Some women do not pay attention to moisturizing on weekdays, and the skin is often dry and has peeling problems. Such a situation in the skin, if it is not maintained in time, will make women's skin worse and worse. So, be sure to understand some winter moisturizing tips to help protect your skin.

Winter moisturizing tips! How does a woman skin care in winter?

1. Wash your face with cold water

Washing your face is something you need to do every day. It is recommended that you can wash your face with boiling water that is cooled after boiling on weekdays, because the air content of this water has been reduced, and its nature is very close to the moisture in the human cells. It penetrates more easily into the skin and has a skincare effect. Insist on soaking the cotton pad with cool white boiled water every day and putting it on the face for cleansing and massage, it can help the skin return to its natural state.

Second, apply face with sake

Japanese sake contains a variety of nutrients, such as amino acids, proteases, etc. Moisten the sake with a cotton pad and apply it to the face, which can activate the skin and at the same time play a certain moisturizing effect. Some people say that sake is not wine? Isn't wine irritating? How can it be used to apply to the face? Women, please remember that the alcohol content in sake does not irritate women's skin, on the contrary, It can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, help the skin clean up the deep layers of dirt and dirt, make the skin smooth and shiny, and make women's skin look more transparent.

3. Make a lotion mask

After washing the face, lightly apply lotion to pat the skin, the moisturizing effect is far from enough. If you want to make the lotion better penetrate the bottom of the skin, it is recommended to make a lotion mask. The method is very simple, that is, moisten the cotton pad with clean water first, and then add a few drops of lotion. Finally, tear the cotton pad into thin pieces, about three or four pieces are enough. Put it on your face again, keep it off after three minutes. You can also pour the lotion into a small bowl, and then put a compressed mask, wait for the mask to expand and apply it on your face, then remove it after ten minutes.

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