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Three common causes of serious hair loss in women!
Hair is the most important part of women's care, but many friends always have serious hair loss. Therefore, many women will worry about losing their hair one day, thinking about how to solve the problem of hair loss. In fact, if you want to protect your hair, you need to understand what is causing the serious hair loss, so that you can effectively improve it. So, just take a look today.

Three common causes of serious hair loss in women!

The first: the bath temperature is too high

Bathing is something that most friends do every day. However, some people take good care of their hair after bathing, while some people keep losing hair. This is because the temperature of the bath is too high. The heat will cause the hair to become dry and easy to fall off, and it will also cause abnormal hair follicle secretion, which will become more and more serious. Therefore, it is recommended that the temperature should not be too high when taking a bath. Low water temperature is the best choice.

The second kind: dieting

Do you often diet to lose weight? In fact, when you diet, you are also hurting your hair. When you diet, it will cause energy to be delivered only to important organs, such as the heart or the brain. The hair will be lost due to lack of nutrition. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain good eating habits, pay more attention to the intake of various nutrients, and do not diet or partial eclipse.

Third: drugs

In daily life, many friends take great care of themselves, and they will start taking various medicines if their body is abnormal. However, there are many drugs that can affect the growth of hair and cause hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended not to take medicine if you are sick. You can let the doctor prescribe some medicine that will not cause hair loss and can treat the disease.

In fact, many people think that hair loss is extremely serious. In fact, it is very normal that there are no more than 30 hair loss per day. Once it is exceeded, it is necessary to see what causes you hair loss. The hot gas is still caused by dieting or drugs, so as to improve in time.

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