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Three ways for women to care for their skin before going to bed!
Women insist on taking care of their skin every day, because they can take care of their skin to improve their skin tone and look younger. The editor reminds that during skin care on weekdays, pay attention to skin care before going to bed, so how do women care for their skin before going to bed? In order to have good skin, here are a few recommended methods of skin care before going to bed.

Three ways for women to care for their skin before going to bed!

How does a woman take care of her skin before going to bed?

1. Taking Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very good ingredient for whitening and blemish. It is recommended to take a vitamin C tablet before going to bed, because it is easier to be absorbed by the body before going to bed than during the day, and it can also help the skin to get full during sleep. Nutrition, repair skin damage, let the skin restore elasticity and luster. And remember to fall asleep early after taking vitamin C, because when the skin can not get enough sleep, it is prone to excessive nutrition loss.

Second, apply night cream

Many women wash their faces before going to bed, wipe off the milk and finish it, and go to bed. In this way, the nutrition obtained by the skin is far from enough. It is recommended to apply some night cream containing plant ingredients, so that the skin can get more skin care ingredients. Among them, the higher-quality night cream contains more plant essential oil components. After being applied to the face, it can not only form a water-locking layer on the skin surface, but also allow nutrients to penetrate into the skin more easily and keep the skin both inside and outside.

3. Apply mask before going to bed

The biggest problem faced by the skin at night is lack of water. If the skin does not get enough moisture for a long time, it is easy to dry out, and even if it cracks, it is more likely to grow wrinkles. Therefore, women should apply facial mask to help moisturize the skin before going to bed. Among them, you should choose a moisturizing facial mask, and after the mask is attached to the face, it will be followed after fifteen minutes, so as not to block the pores of the skin is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the mask. Also, after removing the mask, if you are not in a hurry, you do n’t need to wash it off immediately. You can wash your hands and use your index finger to gently massage the skin to promote skin absorption of nutrients and get more nourishment.

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