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How many of these rumors do you believe in?
Now female friends basically have a lot of skin care products, and facial cleanser is a standing one. We need to clean our face every day, so the effectiveness of facial cleanser is highly sought after. However, although facial cleanser is used every day, many people believe a lot of rumors, so today I will simply take a few rumors about facial cleanser and see how much you believe.

How many of these rumors do you believe in?

First: go black

There are many types of facial cleanser in the market, and many businesses claim that facial cleanser has the effect of removing blackheads, is that really the case? Actually not, if blackheads are so easily removed, it is estimated that no one will have Blackheaded. Once the blackheads are set, they can only be removed by medical means. Therefore, cleansing milk to blackheads is purely to attract consumers, not to be trusted.

Second: Anti-aging

For women, the biggest worry is getting old, and many businesses will claim that their facial cleanser has anti-aging effects in order to promote consumption. In fact, facial cleanser is a cleansing skin care product whose ingredients are basically not absorbed. Yes, so there is no such thing as anti-aging.

Third: The cleaner the cleanser, the better

In fact, there are many types of facial cleanser, there are refreshing type and strong cleaning type. Different people choose different facial cleansers, but most people think that clean and clean is suitable for themselves. In fact, this type of facial cleanser is more suitable for people with oily skin, because these people have a strong oil secretion, Therefore, it will be less harmful to the skin when cleaning. If you are not suitable for this type, forcible use will only cause skin damage and bacterial invasion.

The above types are some of the common rumors of facial cleansers. It is recommended to avoid these misunderstandings. If you want to choose a facial cleanser, it is best to rely on your own skin quality to choose. Do n’t just choose one or always clean it. The cleaner the better, in fact, this may be the beginning of your skin.

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